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A manufacturer's success is dependent on the quality of its available resources. As an industry leader, Mitsubishi Polysilicon understands that the most crucial resource for our success is our human capital.  We conduct our business in an ethical and professional manner and emulate a culture of upmost integrity and respectfulness.

We improve our capabilities by offering continuous learning opportunities and consistently seeking new ways to cultivate a growth-oriented atmosphere for our employees.  Ours is an environment that builds team work, encourages the sharing of information and provides for open communications at all levels of the organization.

At Mitsubishi Polysilicon, we are committed to our employees and our customers.  We work to facilitate the best possible solutions for our customers, and the most comprehensive and competitive compensation and benefit programs for our employees. 

Job Opportunities

  • Chemical Operators: Our chemical operators work in roles ranging from  traditional chemical and control board operations to final inspection processors, ensuring we meet our customers’ ultra-high purity requirements.
  • Lab Technicians:  Every step in the manufacturing process is quality-controlled and utilizes precision measuring instruments such as GC, UV-VIS and ICP-AES. Our final product is analyzed for purity using FT-IR, PL, GFAA, and ICP-MS.  To ensure strict compliance with quality specifications, we use the FZ (floating zone) method to duplicate each customer’s unique process of single crystallization.
  • Engineering:  By introducing new processes and equipment through the application of dynamic developments, we work to continuously improve our technology and meet ever changing customer needs.  Primarily, we utilize Mechanical, Electrical and Chemical engineers to accomplish these technical improvements
  • Support Staff:  We employ a wide range of supporting staff roles which include; quality assurance, customer logistics, safety and environmental, accounting, purchasing, information technology, human resources and administrative support.


Position: QA Lab Technician
Date: February 5, 2019
Department: Lab
Reports To: QA Manager

Primary Responsibility:

The Laboratory Technician will perform daily analysis of production samples and analytical services essential to the operation of chemical manufacturing processes.  These analysis methods include GC, FTIR, PL, ICP-MS and ICP-AES.  Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:  Ensuring adherence to all safety practices and procedures for the department; providing accurate and timely data; special requests items and projects assigned to the lab; operator level maintenance of equipment; and analysis of data.

Job Qualifications:

Experience working in a laboratory environment is important.  A degree in Chemistry or related field is desired.  Experience and competency in the use, calibration and maintenance of laboratory instrumentation/equipment; knowledge of proper analytical methods and techniques is required.  Experience with analysis using ICP-MS and ICP-AES is desired.  Proficiency in various Microsoft applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook is required.  Candidates must have good interpersonal skills and the ability to work in a team environment. The ability to work 8 hour day shift or rotating 12 hour day shift including weekends.

Behavioral Profile:

Effective oral and written communication skills; demonstrates initiative; safety-minded; values continuous learning and teamwork; must be able to adapt to changing work duties; must be able to work with limited supervision.  The successful candidate must have the disposition to aptly interface with a diverse group of individuals.  A demonstrated commitment to safety and quality is mandatory.  A willingness and desire to contribute to the success of others and the department as a whole is essential.

We are an equal opportunity employer

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